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Don’t Waste Your Life Waiting, Create Your Own Destiny

You know what you want, you know what it will take to get there, what are you waiting for?! We often walk into situations in our lives, with a ton of expectation. Our friends have walked down this same road and their situation turned  out in their favor. We wait patiently for our circumstances to align with our goals. The reality is, that opportunity is actually waiting for you to claim it, not the other way around. These are the grown up decisions that you’ve prepared your whole life to make. No one is going to tell you the exact [...]

Don’t Waste Your Life Waiting, Create Your Own Destiny2020-02-10T17:53:26+00:00

The Power of Allowing Your Optimism to Eliminate Your Limitations

If you were a superhero for a day, and miraculously you could see into the future, based on what you’ve done so far in your life, what do you think you’d see? By now, you may have discovered that every action you’ve taken and have not taken, has already affected your future’s outcome. Yes, seeing your future could prove what you’re capable of, but you won’t be able to learn your true capabilities, if you don’t give your 100% effort now. I found out that I only put limitations on my abilities when I wasn't certain if I had what [...]

The Power of Allowing Your Optimism to Eliminate Your Limitations2020-02-10T19:42:23+00:00

Don’t Stray Away from Opportunities Because They Are Uncomfortable

Every great accomplishment started with risk. Chance the Rapper wouldn’t be one of the most influential figures, if he never voiced his faith in God despite the approval of his fans. Ava DuVernay couldn’t have become one of the greatest black female Film Directors, if she let the domination of her male competition skew her confidence. If Jordan Peele listened to the judgement of going from hilarious actor to director, he would not have made history as 1st African-American Original Screenplay Winner. Making those tough decisions to discover the life you want, can be harder than it looks. Even so, you [...]

Don’t Stray Away from Opportunities Because They Are Uncomfortable2020-02-10T20:04:25+00:00

It’s Time to Change The Narrative: Influence of Social Media On Our Lives

Aliko Dangote, wealthiest black person in the world, with a net worth of $14 billion. You’re sitting there wondering, “But, how?” Is he a famous Rapper? Did he go viral on YouTube? Is he an Instagram Influencer? Nope. None of the above. He is a Nigerian business magnate, who invested $3,000 at 21 years old, into what is now his multinational industrial conglomerate, Dangote Group. We spend on average, 5 years and 4 months in a lifetime on social media. Facebook is at the top of the list, and Instagram following, as most popular social media networks occupying our time. [...]

It’s Time to Change The Narrative: Influence of Social Media On Our Lives2020-02-10T20:38:41+00:00

Power of Speaking Life into Your Peers Visions

Guest Author Reginald “EZ” Ward We all preach “positive vibes” all day, but are we even bringing the positive vibes or are we only expecting the very thing that we lack to provide ourselves? When laying the foundation for your future, the mentality of the people around you matter the most. Envisioning dreams so big, with the potential to change lives, means that the energy around you needs to be filled with optimism. Though, it can be easy to forget, you have to understand that the reciprocity of this frame of mind to your peers is key. Sharing your incredible ideas [...]

Power of Speaking Life into Your Peers Visions2020-02-10T20:46:36+00:00

Believing You’re It, Before You are It

I WILL influence the masses. I WILL get more involved and connect with people. I WILL establish a platform to make Moore Ambition a valuable resource for people of color.  None of these things will ever take place, if I don’t believe in them right now. For 4 years I put my faith in studying computer science, being the tech geek with skills ranging from software development to securing networks, a career in cyber security was my results. Yes, the money is great, I sleep comfortably knowing my bank account is full. Yet, at times I also lose sleep knowing that [...]

Believing You’re It, Before You are It2020-02-10T21:00:02+00:00


Are you the type to take risks? Not jumping out of an airplane for the thrill, kind of risk. But spending your valuable time and your own dime, to put yourself in a better situation for advancement, kind of risk. Have you pushed the limits, despite the possible loss, or are you too afraid of no reward? A lot of you may be further along in your endeavors, as opposed to those just dipping your toes in. Investing in yourself can be done at ANY point in your life and your career. Though, our culture and our younger generation is [...]

Invest in yourself: FIND YOUR PATH, SET GOALS, MANIFEST GREATNESS2020-02-10T21:24:38+00:00

Has your progression reached a dead end?: uncertainty + mentorship = development

Tone:  Transparency, Uplifting, Persuasive, Passionate, Encouraging THANK GOD! There was a light at the end of that dark tunnel of depression. I walked right through, earned my rightful place working in my dream career. I’m accomplishing goals, doing everything right. I’m the man, I’ve got it all together--Yeah, that didn’t last very long. Initially, I believed that any major goal I’d set for myself, I could accomplish by myself. Yet, my attempt to get things done on my own, gradually exposed my weaknesses in certain areas. We all want to be successful, and assume that our way is the only [...]

Has your progression reached a dead end?: uncertainty + mentorship = development2020-02-10T22:49:55+00:00

The reality of being a minority in IT: Networking & Branding Yourself

Guest Author Derrick Buadum, Lockheed Martin Derrick Buadum, Splunk User, Splunk Power, Sec +, CISSP Senior Cyber Test Exploit Analyst | Lockheed Martin  Tone: Storytelling, Transparent, Personal, Disappointed, Informative, Inspirational Life doesn’t give handouts over here! It’s going to take countless job rejections, many interviews, and several offers, before you’ve earned your way into your first real job. You’ve always imagined the workplace environment full of people rooting for you and playing fair. Finally got your dream job only to find out that you are at a disadvantage simply because of the color of your skin. As young professionals, you’ve only [...]

The reality of being a minority in IT: Networking & Branding Yourself2020-02-10T23:00:58+00:00

Post Grad Depression: hoax or fact?

Pick a rewarding career, a credible school, the proper degree. Get a full ride scholarship, maintain good grades, study hard, don’t disappoint. Create long lasting friendships, get the most out of the college experience, earn internships, get involved. Graduate, have a job lined up, be successful, be strong, be perfect. Sound familiar? This is a lie many have been sold and the deceptive order of events many attempt to follow. When you are put on that pedestal of expectation, especially first generation college students, there is little to no room for mistakes. Letting down those hopeful families is not an option, [...]

Post Grad Depression: hoax or fact?2020-02-10T23:34:45+00:00