Our Story

The wisdom shared throughout this series is not limited to the corporate realm but can be applied to all areas of life!

For decades, minorities have had countless disadvantages and obstacles with reaching new heights in their careers and life endeavors. In 2018, founder Cedric Moore realized the scarcity of support and inspiration in the minority millennial community, sparking the creation of Moore Ambition. This platform and blog series enlightens, inspires and provides a survival guide for college grads and young professionals seeking to overcome hardships while transitioning into the workforce and attaining the “American Dream”. Since then, Moore has expanded the platform to dive deeper, while seeking to answer the burning question across the nation “What will it take to reach true success?”. In 2020, Moore Ambition transitions into a five-part documentary series that serves as an empowerment tool through stories that provide encouragement, transparency, reveal truths, expose fears, and detail the journey to victory like you’ve never seen before.


Cedric Moore

Summary of Services: Oversees all operations and business activities to ensure they produce the desired results and are consistent with the overall strategy and mission.

Aqweela Das Neves

Content Strategist
Summary of Services: Developing and revising the structure and strategy for Moore Ambition content to effectively reach the target audiences. Crafting content for storytelling and marketing plans that assist with achieving goals for the platform and any production endeavors.

Natalie Jenkins

Social Media Manager
Summary of Services: Provides social media management and designed graphics for weekly content.

Quote from our Founder

“This brand was founded on two pillars, encouragement and vulnerability. I wanted to create a space for people to share relatable stories…Stories of struggle to triumph with the intent to uplift people, letting them know that they are not alone”