If you were a superhero for a day, and miraculously you could see into the future, based on what you’ve done so far in your life, what do you think you’d see? By now, you may have discovered that every action you’ve taken and have not taken, has already affected your future’s outcome. Yes, seeing your future could prove what you’re capable of, but you won’t be able to learn your true capabilities, if you don’t give your 100% effort now. I found out that I only put limitations on my abilities when I wasn’t certain if I had what it took to be effective. You can’t dwell too much on possible shortcomings, because your mind can literally turn those thoughts into limitations.

Once you treat your vision as a success in the making, I guarantee improvements in your experience. Everything great in your life will start with a little faith and a lot of patience. 

Embrace the Small Beginnings

To the untrained eye, a watermelon seed is just a seed. Its small and could really turn out to be anything, depending on whose hands it falls into. Obviously, this seed needs to be watered, placed in the right environment, getting the proper sunlight to grow. When I first started this blog, it was my seed, small, just a blog, I wasn’t sure what exactly it could become. As soon as I discovered what I wanted it to be, I put in all of my effort into building it, I gave as much energy and strategy as possible, to maintain its strong impact. What was once just my “seed”, has become an incredibly encouraging platform for readers all over. Originally, Moore Ambition was geared toward helping people in corporate and fresh out of college but this content became universal, and can be used for multiple situations. Once you get that one chance to pursue your dreams, explore all that the opportunity can be. Even when it presents itself as something small, know that this just means you’ll have to put in work to get the results you want. “Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin,” -Zechariah 4:10.

In the beginning of new ventures, the common factor that no one likes small, is your funds. Being low on finances can easily be discouraging to people, but once you believe that this is a roadblock, that’s when it becomes one. You can’t allow the negative thoughts to keep you from executing your vision. I’m very optimistic so even if there may not seem like a way for a resource to be met,  I continue to push anyway. I have the confidence that a way will be made if I keep believing in the process.

Things will eventually fall through at the right time, though I don’t have the resources today, I know that one day I’ll be in a better position to receive them.

When other people see you are serious about what you’re working towards, and they begin to believe in the process too, sometimes they’ll be more open to lending a hand. Potentially your hard work can generate resources to be taken care of.

Imagine All of the Opportunities, Especially in the Early Stages

Have you ever felt intimidated by an opportunity? When it comes to flipping an old house or selling a car, the main thing we’re all trying to avoid is more work. No one likes to admit it but a lot of the time when something seems like it’ll take a ton of work, you can’t help but to want to avoid it. In my career I was intimidated by the things that I lacked, either a skill set or being wise enough to accomplish tasks effectively with a high success rate.

Looking back, my intimidation really stemmed from a lack of confidence in my ability to face new challenges and come out on top. 

At times, I’d put a limit on how much I was willing to do, to avoid myself from “getting dirty”. When we venture out into new territory, we tend to become uncomfortable because of the fear of not performing at the desired level. I broke through the mindset of this being a limit, by just learning as much as I can, regardless of the tasks. You have to take on information as you go, learn on the fly, that’s how I gradually broke through the things that looked like limitations. See past where you are, to recognize what you can ultimately become.

“At first it was just for fun, but we started to gain more attention and went from shooting from a laptop live to becoming videographers and having our own social media photographer. It’s to the point where it’s bigger than I could’ve ever imagined. Whenever you’re trying to do something brand new, you have to give your all. People will see how passionate you are and how hard you’re trying and God will assign to you the help you need. You’ll only get things when you’re supposed to get it. I wanted all of the followers and all of the biggest interviews and I know for a fact that I wouldn’t have been able to handle this 2 years ago when I started. There are going to be challenges every single day, you have to keep pushing through it, it’s going to be hard but there’s no easy way out. Your friends aren’t automatically going to support you, push you, or help out when you’re down to your last dollar, the only thing that will help you is your pride and being self motivated.”

-David Abraham, CEO/Founder of The Lunch Table

Your Mentality Toward Your Vision Determines Its Growth

Believe it or not, we can sometimes become our own dream killer. If your energy is negative, or you have a poor attitude, not only are you diminishing your chances at success, but people will not gravitate towards you. I would much rather connect with someone that is hopeful, with a positive mindset. Optimistic people on your team will make you feel like you have no roadblocks or limitations. If you hang around negative individuals long enough their mindset can affect your own outlook on things. When you take an opportunity, you’ve already accomplished one of the hardest parts, stepping out on faith. It’s our job to envision great things, which can’t be done from putting a limit on yourself. Self limitations are a sign that you can’t envision yourself going past a certain level. When you have people around who will encourage you and help build your self confidence, it can play a huge factor in progression. 

We do all of this work, but won’t ever really know how everything will play out. That’s when faith kicks in, you have to believe in what you’re doing. Though you don’t see it, and you’re not given a path to get to your goal, you have to stay positive and know that your actions are preparing your future. The expansion of the vision is the goal, right?

Without continuous effort and some struggle here and there, there’s no progress or growth.

Your journey is just beginning, there’s always going to be adversity and improvements to be made. Live in the moments and watch how your work develops your victory.