You know what you want, you know what it will take to get there, what are you waiting for?! We often walk into situations in our lives, with a ton of expectation. Our friends have walked down this same road and their situation turned  out in their favor. We wait patiently for our circumstances to align with our goals. The reality is, that opportunity is actually waiting for you to claim it, not the other way around. These are the grown up decisions that you’ve prepared your whole life to make. No one is going to tell you the exact steps to take in your life. Yet, there are great influential people you can learn from, to get a better understanding of how to make a way for yourself. Throughout my life, I’ve utilized the teachings of the great T.D. Jakes, pastor, author, and filmmaker. He speaks on certainty over your vision, entrepreneurism, trusting in yourself and most importantly, faith.

When considering these factors in your own life, your whole world begins to change, revealing your true purpose.

“Hiring yourself, the opportunities that exist to create your own reality, to be the CEO of you.”

Most of us are either striving to become financially stable, filthy rich, or somewhere in between, right? Currently, majority of the millennial community is working for “the man”. We have been brought up on the idea that in order to become wealthy, we must finish college and then get a job in that industry. We work really hard until eventually your opportunity for a promotion arises. In today’s society, this traditional process is not necessarily the only way to become successful. “Rather than talking about getting a job, it’s important to start talking about being a job”. T.D. Jakes stresses how the lack of opportunities is all up to us. If no one is hiring an Artist right now, but you have a passion for it and you’ve got some killer art, make it happen yourself! You don’t have to wait until “the right time”, hoping that someday, somehow you’ll get discovered. Put your work out there for the world to see. Things don’t align in your favor unless you’re pushing them to. Once you tell yourself that you’re going to wait until you have all the resources to start this business, or you’ll wait until you have more free time, you’ll end up waiting forever. The perfect set up, is a fairytale.

The reality is, we can end up missing out on all that life has to offer us if we “wait until”, the best time is now.

Today is your chance to start living the life you’ve always wanted, to become the person you’ve always wanted to be.

“Don’t complain about what you lack or let setbacks get in the way of making your dreams happen.”

Being self-motivated is truly a gift. It can be extremely hard to consistently motivate yourself. Especially those days when no one is supporting you, funds are low, or when it seems like your goals will never manifest. Trust me, this is normal and in most cases, this is the reason people rely on their accountability partners. I know what you’re thinking, “I’m not going to make someone else responsible for helping me”, that’s the common misunderstanding. These partners are exactly that, someone you trust to share your vision with and vice versa. You hold each other accountable of getting to your dreams. My accountability partners and mentors have stuck with me through thick and thin to give me that extra push, even when I didn’t care to keep going. When I began setting goals, I didn’t understand this concept. I put a time limit on when I wanted to reach a goal, but they’ve helped me to understand, realistically, how these things can take a lot longer than expected.

Obviously, being patient in the process, is the hardest part. I’ve set goals for myself and became pretty discouraged when they didn’t happen on my time. The grind season is what makes our journey even more incredible. Although I want to be senior level in my career by now, I can’t skip the process. Those people with an “overnight success,” either hadn’t set a foundation and won’t last, or started off with much more than what they’ve shown. “If I’m going to make success predicated on what my neighbor had, that is only fair if I started with what my neighbor started with”. T.D. Jakes let’s us know that everything happens when it’s supposed to.

We all have our own journey, we learn things right on time, to prepare us for the success we’re meant for. 

“You Can’t Get Discouraged by the Size or Number of Obstacles In Your Path. God Can Do It!”

Starting this platform was no “leap of faith”, it was more of a belly flop. Prior to starting Moore Ambition, I did not have any experience writing, being vulnerable, leading a team, nor did I even read blogs. When deciding to start this series I had to put all of my faith in God because I didn’t know if people would like the content, if I’d be able to properly articulate my thoughts,or even have the ability to lead others in making this vision come together. I wanted to have all of these things, and wanted everything to be right before making my move, but God said “Go, now Ced”. Once I said “Yes” to God’s call, I learned that all of those fears were only illusions. I recognized that post-grad depression was in fact an issue I had the courage to tackle. As my perspective changed, so did my circumstances. I discovered that the reality of being a minority in the IT field, meant I’d have to work 200 times harder, to reap half of the benefits as my non-minority coworkers. When I was feeling stagnant in my career, I found someone that I admired, to help me break through those ceilings. I’ve been devoting the right amount of time, focus and strategy to invest in my vision. Throughout my journey, I’ve remained positive in my mission, lifted as I’ve climbed, continued to speak life into my friends’ visions, I’ve learned who I am and taken pride in it. Ever since I left my comfort zone, each opportunity that revealed itself, I have claimed it mine.

This is what gives me confidence moving forward with the next phase of Moore Ambition, providing the survival guide you all deserve because “We are the people that we have been waiting for.” – T.D. Jakes