I WILL influence the masses. I WILL get more involved and connect with people. I WILL establish a platform to make Moore Ambition a valuable resource for people of color. 

None of these things will ever take place, if I don’t believe in them right now. For 4 years I put my faith in studying computer science, being the tech geek with skills ranging from software development to securing networks, a career in cyber security was my results. Yes, the money is great, I sleep comfortably knowing my bank account is full.

Yet, at times I also lose sleep knowing that at my 9 to 5, I am not fulfilling the deeper purpose that I am passionate about.

I knew there was more to my life than just going to my corporate job everyday, I knew I had a story to tell but I hadn’t found my avenue to tell it. With the people around me sharing the issues they’re facing, that I’d experienced myself, I knew I didn’t want anyone to have to go through those trials alone. My purpose is to encourage, extend my learnings to those who need it, and offer a guidance like no one has ever had before. These things are happening now because I declare them, and speak it into existence.

Believing you’re it, before you’re it.” Of course, the credit of this ideology is due to Chief Marketing Officer for Steph Curry & CEO of Unanimous Media, Jeron Smith. His forward thinking of using your faith to guide your actions, has been my wake up call and my strategy to making my goals real. I’m going to dig into how utilizing his techniques in your everyday routine, can guide you toward making what was once surreal, attainable.

  • Jeron Smith, CEO of Unanimous Media

 “I live my life for the future,  I’m just waiting for time to catch up”

Hold on, let’s run that back, I live my life for the future, I’m just waiting for time to catch up! How incredible does that sound? When you put everything that you’re doing into the perspective that you’re already where you need to be, doing what you need to be doing, only awaiting your surroundings to change, you literally become unstoppable

November of 2017, I discovered what my calling is and haven’t looked back since. I’d been going through life, picking up gems, wisdom, and insight from all around me. I’m not one to keep these things to myself, it has to be passed on. God set me on my path, I pitched ideas to 3 close friends, talked prices with the right people, made something I really believe in happen without thinking twice. Some of you might think that spontaneity is dangerous, but trust me, this idea hadn’t happened overnight. I received confirmation after confirmation, my vision grew larger, I knew the impact I’d make would be unimaginable. A lot of the time, we become too worried about what other people will think, while other people may be investing their time into things that are not going to be fruitful. This is the time to look out for future self, surround yourself with people who your future self would be connecting with.

Invest your time into the things your future self would, soon enough your path becomes clearer and your circumstances turn out just as you prepared for.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m an engineer, who has been accustomed to engineering classes, looking at a computer all day, building apps and securing computer networks. Yet, my purpose and my passions are in a whole different ballpark. My current goal is to change perspectives, gearing readers up to ultimately change their lives for the better. Everyone has big visions, there are only a select few who are able to do the groundwork to get quality results. It’s easy to get discouraged when where you are currently, doesn’t already match your vision. Trust me, I don’t know when or how, but I know that my goals will happen. Here are some ways that I make sure that my vision is sustained.

4 Ways To Remain Confident In Your Vision:

  1. Protect it from small minded people.

  2. Visualize it, write it down, meditate, set priorities and a constant reminder.

  3. Spend and dedicate time to it daily.

  4. Stick with those who will speak life into your visions.

“When you start to lose faith and feel like the world is unfair,  like you’re not gonna get it, then you won’t.”

When speaking about visions, we have to talk about having faith. It influences the way you move, if you’re in a tough situation, it gives you that drive to tell yourself, “this isn’t my final destination”. Your career or lifestyle may not be where you want it to be, but you have to believe that it will get there. For me, reality hasn’t actually caught up to my faith yet. You can come up with an idea so big, that it might scare you. Those voices in your head can sometimes get the best of you, people around might dissuade you, but these are all obstacles we face to clarify and strengthen our faith. Sharing your vision with people who don’t have the capacity to understand it, can often hinder you from believing in it. Though, only you know your passions and your capabilities, if you’re not putting in work, and if you don’t have an action behind your vision, then it’s not going to go through. Don’t be your own roadblock. 

If you give up today, your blessing might be right around the corner.” (creative way for jeron’s quotes, we’ll make a different color/font) You’re thinking about giving up because it’s too hard? Name something great that came easy, or that grew in a day, I’ll wait. Self-confidence comes when you’ve dedicated time and effort, and you know you deserve to be at whatever level you are striving toward. You belong there because you’re doing everything in your power to make sure the energy you put in gets you to the next level. Some of you may be at ground level right now, these are the infant stages of your vision. Nothing is concrete, but your faith has to be solid and it’s here that only the people capable of supporting you should surround you. I had 2 close friends of mine who held me accountable for weekly progression. My friends knew me well enough to know that if I wasn’t taking baby steps weekly, whether it be planning out my posts, reaching out to others to build my team, or making sure I was thorough and sharp, then my endeavors were not going to be effective.

It’s important that you stay loyal to your vision daily, a vision that you don’t shed light on will never grow, it will remain in the dark. 

“The essence of believing in things that are unseen,  that you don’t have yet, by trusting in God.”

DREAM BIG OR GO HOME. Yes, I meant that! I believe that dreaming things that are too big is necessary, I’ve only had a handful of friends that truly know how to dream BIG things and it’s extremely inspiring. These are also the same people I’ve personally witnessed stepping out on faith to accomplish their goals, which motivates me to dream bigger than what I can imagine. When I envision radical dreams, that are out of the ordinary, it almost gives me chills. This sense of fear, in it’s own way, gives me an adrenaline rush. I’m pumped up to make things happen, shake things up. It’s out of fear that I am forced to learn and get out of my comfort zone. People are getting way too comfortable, playing it safe with their goals. Those people who say “I want to start a business” but have no plan behind it, are missing out on countless possibilities that can come with stepping out of the box. When I say “I’m going to influence the masses” it’s kind of scary, but it’s my faith in God that steers my faith in my vision. The key to tackling these big things is creating small strides toward their progression. When you make these strides small, you’re allowing yourself time to focus on quality.

Before you know it, you’ll see that you are chipping away at that big monumental vision, that seemed too large to accomplish in the beginning.

Faith is being broke today, and believing when God says you’re not going to be broke tomorrow.For the longest, I had been trying to discover ways to be a positive influence in my community. I thought up an idea, I didn’t just pray about it and hope for the best, but I figured out my steps to get there. Once I did what needed to be done, I had enough confidence to declare that my work will pay off. This is when I lean on God and allow His will to be done. All of the stressing and freaking out when things aren’t working out on your time, will be behind you when you believe in the quality work you’ve put forth. I found my avenue, and because I believed in it, you’re here reading this blog. Once you find yours, put your faith in positive outcomes, believe in yourself and your capabilities,

you’ll find yourself soaring in no time.